Reclaim your time.

If you are spending hours working with Microsoft Excel preparing daily or weekly revenue reports, or tracking moving inventory and customers, or anything else with Excel — find out how Metiso Consulting can help you reclaim that time to be more efficient and effective for your business!

Metiso Consulting helps clients effectively leverage tools in Microsoft Excel, based on the clients’ skill level, comfort, and interest.

No time to learn Excel or just wanting the spreadsheet to work? No problem! Metiso Consulting takes you from your starting point to your desired end point and comes up with a custom solution to get you from beginning to end. You can learn as much or as little of the solution as you want.

The goals for Metiso Consulting are to save you time, eliminate human errors, and provide personal support, so that you are happy with the solution and can use it confidently.

Metiso Consulting specializes in:

  • Data organization
  • Data analysis
  • Report design
  • Report generation
  • Report automation


Metiso Consulting is based in Toronto, Ontario, Canada

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